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Leadership & Management Symposium

Houston Strategy Forum

Leadership & Management Symposium

Theme:“Getting the Business-DNA Right”

Wednesday, March 6, 2024 ● 11:00 AM to 4:30 PM ● Petroleum Club, Downtown Houston

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Includes lunch for all attendees.

Exclusive Wine Reception for Members and Sponsors
at the end of the symposium.

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Detailed Description

About the Leadership-Management Symposium Series

The Houston Strategy Forum is hosting a frequent series of Leadership-Management Symposiums to vigorously discuss issues such as leadership development, management doctrines, and corporate alignment and culture — issues that senior executives face as they diligently endeavor to help their organizations reach the next level.

The format of our symposiums is unique and different. We are not a presentation forum, we are a discussion forum. We do not invite the press and follow Chatham House Rules so we can have an open, safe dialog. No fluff. Real, probing discussions with not just speakers, but the attendees as well. Our goal is to have at least 75% of the attendees participate actively in the discussion.

Our speakers & attendees gain practical insights that cannot be gained from the superficial discussions at other conferences. While we have a lot of fun & humor in our discussions, we are serious about the issues we discuss.

At the forum, our mission is a vibrant community of smart business leaders who understand what it takes to lead companies, share openly about their mistakes, discuss vigorously, and help each other overcome their blind spots.

Symposium Description & Context — “Getting the Business-DNA Right”

The most successful companies have a clear, well-established Business-DNA. Having crystal clarity about the core aspects of the business and the business model through all levels of the organization, makes it a force of nature. It becomes a self-propagating engine delivering sustained potential-exceeding performance.

To construct their unique Business-DNA, organizations must carefully curate together a set of clear and cohesive business attributes. Business-DNA is a company’s fundamental foundation, and yet, in many companies, it is overlooked.

How much thought & effort has your company put into its Business-DNA?

Neglecting your Business-DNA

An unclear Business-DNA is the perennial cause of underperformance and missed opportunities.

In companies without a clear, established understanding of Business-DNA, the management team struggles with misalignment. It results in conflicting priorities/focus and inconsistent decision making. The corporate and departmental strategies are not cohesive, and the execution is arrhythmic. Internal dysfunction causes teams to undermine each other’s effort. Employees fail to comprehend the key business drivers, fostering a sense of uncertainty and disorientation.

What should your company do to improve its internal functioning?

Business-DNA is not Strategy

Vision and strategies change constantly. Business-DNA does not!

DNA can and does evolve, but it never thrashes around. If your DNA is changing constantly, you will face a corporate identity crisis and end up extinct. If your foundation keeps wobbling, your structure will crumble.

Impact of Business-DNA

In nature, DNA is the single biggest predictor of success. In business, DNA is what keeps the organization together and incisively focused, through growth & expansion, and through down-cycles. Business-DNA is your North Star, your core fabric, your unique molecular design. If your team does not understand and respect your molecular design, their contributions will do more harm than good.

CEOs and management teams must focus on getting the Business-DNA right as their #1 priority.

Why Attend the Symposium?

We envision a rigorous discussion on Business-DNA, exploring its components, understanding its power, and deciphering its impact to take organizations to the next level.

Join us to have a discussion with top leaders who represent the entire spectrum — some who have figured out Business-DNA and others who are starting now.

There isn’t a more important discussion that the Houston Strategy Forum can host. You will not find this topic discussed at other conferences. Make sure you are part of this discussion.

Join us. Your company’s future and your leadership-management career depend on it.

Our Speakers


Mr. Ravi Kathuria, Author, “How Cohesive is Your Company?”

Keynote (Fireside style chat) Discussion

Mr. Roderick A. Larson, President and Chief Executive Officer, Oceaneering

Panel Discussion

Mr. Jason Sanchez, CEO, ZXP Technologies

Mr. Neal Lux, President and Chief Executive Officer, Forum Energy Technologies

Mr. Brian Chalmers, President Growth & Development, Wood

Our Unique Format

What Makes Us Different?

Houston Strategy Forum events are innovative. No speeches. No PowerPoint presentations. They are open and down-to-earth discussions with our speakers. Our format is a relaxed, intimate, fireside-style chat. And, always unscripted!

Over the years, we have had top CEOs and executives share their deepest thoughts and feelings that you would never hear in a regular conference. We respect and value that interaction greatly — it is what makes us the preeminent discussion forum.

Our business talk show format facilitates an energetic, meaningful, and respectful exchange of ideas between our speakers and attendees. Our goal is to get a majority of the attendees to contribute to the discussion. When that happens — it creates magic!

We receive rave reviews about our format both from our speakers and attendees.

To encourage an open and candid discussion we follow Chatham House rules.   


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How Cohesive is Your Company?
- A Leadership Parable

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Includes breakfast and lunch for all attendees.

Exclusive Wine Reception for Members and Sponsors
at the end of the symposium.

Book Your Seat/Table Before We Sell Out!

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Cancellation, Miscellaneous Information


For VISITORS: Sorry, we do not offer refunds to visitors or prospective members. You are welcome to send a substitute. A substitution charge of $50 applies. To register the substitute, use the registration category, "Substituting for a Visitor." On the next page of registration, indicate the name of the person whom you are substituting.

FOR GENERAL MEMBERS: If you let us know at least one week prior, we will credit your HSF account for the fees, so you can apply the fees toward a future event.

FOR STRATEGIC MEMBERS: Strategic Members attend all events for no charge (if registered in time). Since Strategic Membership is tied to specific individuals, substitutions are not allowed if you cannot make it to the event.

Dress Code: Business Professional


Houston Strategy Forum expects professional conduct from all attendees.

Please come to learn and participate in the discussion and be respectful of other executives in attendance.

Houston Strategy Forum reserves the right to deny admission to the event, ask an individual or group to leave the event, and exclude from electronic lists and communication, any individual or organization.


By registering for the event, you provide the Houston Strategy Forum your consent to be included in photographs and video recording of the event.


The opinions expressed by speakers and attendees are their own only, and not the Houston Strategy Forum's. Any business concepts, issues and ideas discussed may not be applicable in your situation. Houston Strategy Forum makes no claims about the completeness, accuracy or applicability of any discussion. Please seek professional business help to implement any change in your business or career.

Directions and Parking

35th Floor
Total Plaza
1201 Louisiana
Houston, TX 77002

Driving Directions
The new location of the Petroleum Club is 1201 Louisiana Street, Total Plaza. It is east from the Hyatt Regency and south of the CenterPoint building, at the intersection with Dallas street.

The club is located on the 35th floor.

In the interest of your safety, it is always a good idea to pay attention to the surroundings, your possessions and self, when parking your car and approaching any Downtown venue. We recommend valet parking.

Parking: Street metered and private parking lots are available options.

Valet is available on the south side of building and the valet entrance is from Milam street. The cost for valet is $15 with a discount coupon available through us at the event.