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 Houston Strategy Forum (HSF)

Our Mission
The Houston Strategy Forum's (HSF) mission is to help our members gain real-world, practical insights into solving their management and leadership challenges. Our passion is to help companies improve their performance, and grow in a sustainable manner that creates value for all stakeholders including the Houston community.
While, we can learn a lot from the internet, we all benefit greatly from interacting face-to-face with other business executives. HSF's purpose is to facilitate a meaningful and engaging discussion.

Cross-Pollination of Ideas 
We believe in the value of cross-pollination of ideas across industries, and across organizational functions. Our biggest challenge as executives is to keep our thinking fresh and our perspectives open and evolving. 

Our Speakers

We have hosted the who's who of CEOs and senior executives. For a full list, please click here. 

Our Format
Our event format is unique. They do not involve speeches or PowerPoint presentations. They are open and down-to-earth discussion/conversation with the speaker(s), with heavy participation from the audience. Our format is relaxed, akin to a coffee-table style chat. Our unscripted format, not always, but often creates a "magical learning experience." We receive rave reviews about our format both from speakers and attendees.

Frequency of Events
We typically hold six to nine events of different types (keynote luncheons, half-day symposiums, strategic-member roundtables and member socials) a year. We usually break for the summer and the winter holidays. While, our events are most likely to be held on the third Thursday of the month, the day does move around to accomodate the schedules of our high-profile speakers. 

Our Audience

Our events attracts a diverse audience representing different industry sectors, functional roles and executive levels. It is a mature audience that appreciates and actively participates in the high-level strategic discourse at our events.


We work hard to create a safe zone for our executive speakers and attendees. We are proud of the fact that speakers come back to attend events our because of the safe and pleasant experience they have had in the past. We encourage our attendees to build long-term, professional relationships. We are firm believers in permission-based business development. We offer the same guidance of a professional approach to our sponsors.

If you
would like to continue to broaden your perspectives and reinvent your thinking, then make a commitment to attend HSF events and engage in thoughtful discussions with like-minded professionals and executives.

Our Creation
The Houston Strategy Forum was founded in 2011. Mr. Ravi Kathuria is the founder and president of the Houston Strategy Forum. He is the author of "How Cohesive is Your Company?" and "Happy Soul. Hungry Mind." 

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